An Exploration Of The Technological Singularity From The Eyes Of A Time Traveler

Hack 2050 is a new “Mixed-Reality” YouTube web series that combines a science fiction backstory about Seti Speaks a time traveling AI augmented transhuman Anthrovideologist with a documentary style news show about the thought leaders, ideas, and issues behind the innovations and science that is leading humanity towards a technological singularity.

Episode topics include AI, Quantum Computing, Genetics/Genomics, Machine Learning, Time Travel, Robotics, Transhumansim, Posthumanism, Brain Interfaces, Synthetic Biology, Universal Basic Income, Biohacking, Mind Uploading, Human Consciousness, Immortality, Super Intelligence, Crypto Currency and Blockchain, Swarm Intelligence, Government, Economics, Religion and ethics.

Seti Speaks
Time Traveler – Transhuman – Anthrovideologist


In 2050 History is Illegal

Our name is Seti Speaks. We are an AI augmented transhuman Anthrovideologist from the year 2050. Planet Earth is now controlled by humans who have merged with bio-cybernetic AI. Non-augmented humans have been placed on reservations, their rights removed and access to history prohibited. We have joined an underground democratic movement that seeks a new government and positive outcome for human consciousness. Our mission is to travel back in time, re-discover the past and change the future.


The Internet is Interactive so Our Audience is Part of the Show

As the creators of the series we do not claim to have definitive answers about our future, but rather want to open a discussion that is both entertaining and thought provoking regarding the ideas, technologies and challenges that will be created from an uncertain and rapidly changing future that has the potential to dramatically change our lives, society and the concept of what it is to be human. If you would like to participate by submitting ideas please send an email to anthrovideologist at gmail dot com


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Website and YouTube Page will be announced this summer.

Hack 2050 Workshop: Transhumanism

Your first chance to help shape the world of Hack 2050 is almost here! Monday October 10th, 2016 the Arizona Chapter of the World Future Society will be hosting a Workshop on Transhumanism. Meet the creators of Hack 2050, futurists and other forward-thinking people...
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Website Launched

Welcome to! Hack 2050 is currently in development with plans to release a web series and other surrounding content in 2017. We will be releasing more information on the series and beginning to interact with the audience more over the next few months. If...
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