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Seti Gershberg

Series Creator/Executive Producer/Writer 
Seti Gershberg is the Executive Producer and Creative Director at Arizona Studios a full service production, post production and animation studio based in Phoenix, Arizona where he is responsible for all creative content produced by the studio. Seti holds degrees in Economics, Anthropology and received an MBA in International Business from The Thunderbird School of Global Management, now part of the Arizona State University educational ecosystem. His interests are in consciousness, the human condition and the future. Seti has written, directed and produced two documentary films that have been sold in over 45 countries. He has experience in both production and post production including writing, directing, producing, cinematography, editing and coloring. He was worked on corporate projects, short film, as well as episodic series for cable and the web. Seti has worked on projects for Lions Gate, Bose, MasterCard Priceless with Chef Ludo Lafebvre, SyFy Ascension, Honeywell, Sprouts, The Catholic Diocese, The Gift of Fear

Eric Kingsbury

Futurist & Blogger
Eric Kingsbury is a working futurist and a graduate student in the MS program in Strategic Foresight at the University of Houston. Eric’s interests include the ethical issues and transformative potential of emerging technologies; the impact of robotics and automation in our micro and macrocosmic lives; radical economic, political, social and cultural change; the study of scenario methods, storytelling and the creation of positive future models; and much more. Eric leads the Arizona chapter of the World Future Society and is also a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the World Future Studies Federation. Eric blogs on the future at www.kiteba.com. Currently, Eric also works for Experian in technology product marketing and strategy. He has an MBA in International Management from Arizona State University and a BA in English from Illinois State University. Eric is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Connect with Eric on Twitter @ekingsbury and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandkingsbury

Shawn Esplin

Shawn Esplin is the Vice President and Production Coordinator at Qonda Entertainment, a film production company creating both documentary and narrative works focused on educating people to create a brighter future. He has 15 years of experience in film editing, and his lifelong love of learning and creating has brought him experience in everything from writing and producing to cinematography, scoring, audio recording, sound design and mixing with his primary focus on directing. In past lives he has worked as a web designer and developer, graphic designer, run internet servers, learned 3D modeling and animation and many other creative and technical skills. He has always had an eye to the future and works not only to entertain but to help shift our society toward a more forward-thinking mindset.

Amy Andrews

Writer/Production Coordinator
Amy Andrews been involved in video production since 1992, predominantly short films and sketch comedy. By day, she is a manager of organic search optimization at digital marketing agency iCrossing, and after hours, she is Post-production coordinator and VP of Marketing for QONDA Entertainment. Amy has experience in content strategy, production, and promotion, specializing in search marketing. She graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in anthropology. Her other interests include nerdy sciences like biology, evolution, and taxonomy, playing with reptiles, Oxford commas, and reading while awaiting the inevitable arrival of post-literate society.

Arizona Filmmakers

Over the next few months we will be building our cast and crew. If you’re in the Phoenix area and you would be interested in working on Hack 2050, please let us know.
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